The Film

An Italo-American production between:

the Centro Cinematografico Salentino and Virtuosity Motion Pictures, LLC


"Challenge at Crown Valley" is a western based on the classical themes of revenge and challenge but it also has strong references to Ford’s works. The redemption of the sheriff-gunslinger constitutes one of the most important topics in the film, which shares some rituals with the spaghetti-western canons, too.

The main theme, based on a short story called “Old Bessie” (from the book “Pianure lontane” by Domenico Rizzi), is enriched by some digressions from other authors' works, such as Cesare Bartoccioni, Luca Barbieri, Marcello Rufolo, and Roberto Guarino, which complete and clarify through short flashbacks the protagonist's torturous path.

The screenplay, written by Giuseppe Antonio Miglietta and Domenico Rizzi, is based on the characters’ introspection, which is achieved by the laying bare of their weaknesses and mistakes in the prospect of a final redemption.

The plot is secondary to these universal topics, which dominate the story until its conclusion, focusing the attention more to the personal issues of the characters than on the spectacular action.

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